Ugh…Update Post are the Worst

Really, they are.

But I know there are some people (however few it might be) who read my blog on a regular basis, so I think it’s only fair to give you an update.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to transfer schools to start working on my bachelor’s in professional writing while transitioning to freelance writing full-time. Now that classes have started (I’m on an 8-week program) and I’m still trying to build a profitable freelance career, I need to start focusing my time on these things.

I started The Writing Realm to talk about my passion, but now that I’ve turned my passion into a living, I have to start focusing on the parts of my life that mean the most, and right now, I have to put The Writing Realm on the back burner.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to post less frequently or simply let the blog wait until I’m ready to devote more time to it, which in all honesty I don’t know when that will be. Because the blog not connected to my business, I can’t justify spending several hours per week updating it.

However, I will continue updating the blog on my writer website each Friday, which is geared toward small business owners looking to hire freelance bloggers.

But don’t worry! I’m not disappearing from the freelance writing or blogging world. You’ll still find me hanging around on freelance writer forums and commenting on blogs.


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  1. While I’ll be sorry to see The Writing Realm go if you decide to walk away from it for a while (especially as I only recently discovered your work), it’s good that you’re keeping things in perspective. You have to do what you have to do. Best of luck with your studies, and I look forward to still seeing you around the writing community as a whole. :)
    Jennifer Mattern recently posted…47 Things to Consider When Setting Freelance Writing RatesMy Profile

  2. That’s sad, but like Jennifer said you have to do what you have to do. Thank you for the wonderful posts. See you around the writing community. :)

  3. Hi Alicia,
    I’ll be sorry too. Like Jenn, I’m a recent, but happy, discoverer of the blog:)
    But I understand what you mean. I don’t get to blog as often as I want to, even though my blogs are directly related to my passions and/or my writing career. But because I also write fiction, I fall behind my own desired schedule. I wish I could write and publish more. But I wish you all the best. Though from a reader’s perspective, less frequent is better than no new posts at all:)
    Pinar Tarhan recently posted…Turn-Offs in Novels: Jargon, Foreign Languages and Detailed Description of Very Minor CharactersMy Profile

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