Stop Making Excuses: 7 Reasons You Should Join Online Writing Communities

There are lots of great reasons not to join online writing communities.

Perhaps you’re not ready to share your work and see it get torn apart by critics.

Maybe you feel out of place because everyone else seems to know what they’re doing.

Or maybe you just “don’t have time.”

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The Quickest, Easiest Way to Add Value to Your Web Content


Do you find yourself faced with revision request frequently? If those requests often say something like, “Your content is full of basic information that isn’t valuable to the reader,” then you need to hear this. Since quality writing isn’t about proper grammar and sentence fluency alone, you’re going to have to step it up a [...]

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My Super Simple Secret for Avoiding Writer Burnout


Have you ever wondered how writers continue without burning out? Or maybe you’re wondering how you can make a living writing without seeing your passion fizzle out. I’ve had my fair share of questions about it. When people hear that I write for a living, I often get this: “Wouldn’t you…you know…get sick of it?” [...]

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5 Lies That Will Keep You From Building a Successful Freelance Writing Career


Are you a freelance writer? Maybe you’ve played with the idea of breaking into freelance writing. If so, then you’ve probably heard quite a few claims about the field, many of which are blatant lies, usually from people who don’t have much experience. I’m no expert, either, but I have noticed a few common claims [...]

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How to Let a Freelance Writing Client Go Kindly

fire a client

You’re under no obligation to continue working for a difficult client. But I get it. You don’t want to be mean and/or give up your pay, even if it is next to nothing. But when you have a client sending ridiculous requests, Skyping you with questions that he’s not paying you for, taking up all [...]

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